Lesson Plans for October 9-13

Monday October 9:  We will grade wkst 2.7A.  We will go over wkst 2.5A, and wkst 2.6A.  The assignment will be a wkst on Angles.

Tuesday October 10:  We will grade the wkst on Angles.  We will go over the Making Conclusions wkst.  Students will take a Quiz on 2.4-2.6.

Wednesday October 11:  Students will review for the TEST.

Thursday October 12:  TEST 2.4-2.6

Friday October 13:  We will have a lesson on lines and angles, 3.1.  Students will do a partner exploration.  The assignment is wkst 3.1B.


Lesson Plans for Sept.18-22

Monday Sept.18:  Students will turn in page 80 #1-16.  We will have a lesson on Deductive Reasoning,2.2B.  We will take notes in the ISN and do examples on a binder page.  The assignment is wkst 2.3A.

Tuesday Sept.19-Wednesday Sept.20:  We will have a lesson on Postulates and Diagrams, 2.3.  We will take notes in the ISN and look at examples on 2 binder pages.  The assignment is page 87 #1-22.  Wednesday students will correct the chapter 1 TEST.

Thursday Sept.21:  Sophomores will take the ASVAB test in the morning classes.  All other students will complete page 90 #1-14.

Friday Sept.22:  Students will complete a TEST REVIEW in preparation for a test on Monday.