Classroom Rules and Procedures for Geometry

Mrs. Griffin’s Classroom Rules & Procedures



  1. Enter the classroom quietly and ready to work.  Bring everything you will need for class with you and take care of restroom needs before class.
  • Student phones should be turned off/silent and stored in the cell phone holder according to assigned desk number.
  • Look at the assignment board for needed supplies and gather them.
  • Sharpen pencils.
  • Get the previous day’s assignment out and ready to grade.
  • If absent, check the board/blog for missing assignments and turn in any previously due work.
  1. Respect each other and each other’s property.  Name-calling, obscene language, and disrespect will NOT be tolerated.
  2. Pay attention to and be involved with classroom discussions and activities.  Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Work the entire class period.  Clean up after yourself.  STAY SEATED UNTIL DISMISSED BY ME!
  4. All school rules apply.

If a student chooses not to follow the rules of this class, the following will be his/her consequences.  Each will be documented.

  • 1st time:  Teacher will redirect behavior.
  • 2nd time:  Teacher will conference with student.
  • 3rd time:  Teacher assigned morning detention and parent contacted.
  • 4th time and thereafter:  Student will receive an office referral.

***Note:  Any behaviors regarded as severe can result in immediate action being taken (office referral).


1.  We will be taking notes in a composition notebook, called an INTERACTIVE STUDENT NOTEBOOK (ISN).  They may be written in pen or pencil.  Geometry students will also use a 3 ring binder for other activities, quizzes, and test reviews.  Because these will be graded, students may NOT print out completed copies from my blog or Google Classroom.  Those are to be used as a reference tool only.

2.  All assignments, including homework, quizzes, and tests will be done in pencil. Homework will be completed on notebook paper.

3.  A progress report will be available on Skyward. 

4.  You will have daily assignments. The due date will be the following day unless otherwise stated.  All assignments must be ready to grade when class begins. 

LATE WORK POLICY: Late work received ONE day past the due date will receive a grade no higher than a 70.  Late work received TWO days past the due date will receive a grade no higher than a 50.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED 3 OR MORE DAYS PAST THE DUE DATE.  Also, repeated failure to complete assignments will result in assigned detentions and/or ISS placement.

5.  When absent, it is school policy that the student will have one day for every day absent to complete makeup work.  It is the student’s responsibility to get make-up work, copy any missed notes, and complete any missed classroom activities.

Note:  It is highly recommended that if a student misses due to an extracurricular activity, they should get the assignment BEFORE they leave and bring it completed when they return, if possible. 


a.  40% for Homework/Classwork and Quizzes, 60% for Tests and Projects 

b.  You will have assignments every day in order to practice and show mastery of new concepts.  These will be graded based on completion/effort and work shown.  Several of these will be grouped together and entered into Skyward as one grade called a SET.  Weekly quizzes will be given with questions from these homework assignments.  The quiz will count as 2 daily grades.  Students may use their notes on quiz days.   In addition,  random daily assignments will also be given and graded for accuracy.  The ISN will count for multiple daily grades.  Completed homework assignments are crucial for success in this class! 

c.  You MUST SHOW YOUR WORK!  No work = No credit. 

d.  There will be no retakes on quizzes.  If you are absent on Quiz day, you will make up the Quiz on the day you return or you will have a different makeup Quiz.  Graded quizzes must be corrected and put into the Geometry Binder.

e.  Test reviews will be given before each test.  The answer key will be posted on my Geometry Blog and the test review will go into the Geometry Binder.  (There will be a Geometry Binder TEST at the end of each grading period.)  Tests must be finished by the bell. All unanswered items will be marked incorrect.  If you have studied and are well prepared, then you should be accurate and efficient with your time.

NOTE:  If a student is absent on test day, then they will have to take the test on the day of their return.  If a student is absent on the day of the review, then they will still take the test as scheduled.

f.  REASSESSMENT POLICY:  At the end of each grading period, a cumulative test will be given.  This test is mandatory for anyone who has failed a test during the nine weeks, but is optional for anyone who passed all tests.  The nine week test grade, if higher, will replace the lowest test grade of that grading period. If you passed all tests, then you may take the test to bring up your lowest test grade as the maximum grade is 100.  Students who choose not to take the nine week test will need something to read or work on while others test.

7.   SUPPLIESSee additional handout.

Regarding bonus point items:  These will be for classroom use available to all students.  A daily grade of 100 will be given for the bonus point item.

Regarding calculators:  I have a classroom set of calculators for student use in class only.  Geometry students do not need to purchase a calculator, because most work with calculators is done in class.  However, if a student is planning on taking any advanced math or science classes, it would be to his/her advantage to go ahead and purchase his/her own calculator.   My classroom set of calculators cannot leave my room.


Signatures:  I have read all of the information pertaining to Mrs. Griffin’s math class and understand what is expected.

Student __________________________________________________________________________




Please return to Mrs. Griffin.  This will be put into the Interactive Student Notebook.