Welcome to GEOMETRY and PreAP Geometry!

This class is very different from Algebra.  We will be investigating all of the shapes and their properties. We will draw and graph and learn new vocabulary.  We will investigate 3-dimensional figures and measurement.

In regular Geometry, our focus will be learning and retaining Geometry through various classroom activities and our GEOMETRY ISNs and binders.  Instructions for the contents of both will be given in class.  My hope is that our ISNs and binders will be a constant reminder throughout the year of concepts learned.  We will be using them and referring to them on a daily and weekly basis and they will also be graded.

In PreAP Geometry, our focus is to go deeper into Geometry with a more analytical approach that will help students in their continued pathway toward AP Calculus. Be ready to be challenged!

I am looking forward to the success of each student and together we will work toward this goal.