Lesson Plans for Dec.11-15

Monday Dec.11:  We will continue with Isosceles and Equilateral triangles by working some examples on a binder page.  The assignment is page 260-261 #1-10,13-16,19,22-24,26,30.

Tuesday Dec.12:  Students will take a Quiz on Triangles and then study for the 9 week Test.

Wednesday Dec.13:  Students will take the 9 Week TEST.

Thursday Dec.14:  Students will take the Binder Test.

Friday Dec.15:  Students will study for the semester exam.

Lesson Plans for Dec.4-8

Monday Dec.4:  Students will take the Chapter 4 TEST.

Tuesday Dec.5:  We will have a lesson on Classifying Triangles, 5.1A.  The assignment is page 240 #3-10,43-44.

Wednesday Dec.6:  We will continue with 5.1B and have a lesson on Triangle Theorems.  Students will add onto page 240 #11-22all,24,26.

Thursday Dec.7:  We will have a lesson on Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles, 5.2.  The assignment is page 247 #5-10all,13,17-18.

Friday Dec.8:  We will have a lesson on Isosceles/Equilateral Triangles, 5.4.