These supplies are needed for success in this class! I will allow ample time to purchase these supplies; HOWEVER, please try to get the composition notebook and 3 ring binder as soon as possible.  We will begin using these the first week of school.


Notebook paper (at least 2 pkgs)

Graph paper



Folder with pockets for hmwk.


Map pencils/Thin tip markers/Colored pens (Pick one)

Protractor and Compass (Optional)

3 ring binder and 3 dividers

Composition notebook

Regarding calculators: I have a classroom set of graphing calculators for student use. Geometry students do not need to purchase a calculator, because most work with calculators is done in class. However, if a student is planning on taking any advanced math or science classes, it would be to his/her advantage to go ahead and purchase his/her own graphing calculator.

OPTIONAL:  For bonus points, an extra package of markers/highlighters OR a package of graph paper OR 2 bottles of glue (pick one) may be brought to my classroom.  These will be for classroom use available to all students.