Lesson Plans for Nov.27-Dec.1

Monday Nov.27:  Go over Quiz 4.1-4.3.  We will have a lesson on Congruence Transformations.  The assignment is online at bigideasmath.com

Tuesday Nov.28:  We will have a lesson on Dilations, 4.5A.  We will do a discovery binder activity.  The assignment is wkst 4.5A.

Wednesday Nov.29:  We will continue with Dilations and look at a negative scale factor.  The assignment is page 217 #1-6,15-16,20,22.

Thursday Nov.30:  We will have a lesson on Similar Transformations, 4.6.  The assignment is page 223 #1-3,6,7,9,11,16.

Friday Dec.1:  We will Review Chapter 4 in preparation for a test on Monday.