Lesson Plans for Feb.19-23

Monday Feb.19:  School Holiday 🙂

Tuesday Feb.20:  We will have a lesson on Similar Polygons, 8.1.  The assignment is page 427-428 #1-2,4-16even,28-34all.

Wednesday Feb.21:  Students will complete wkst 8.1A/B.

Thursday Feb.22:  We will have a lesson on AA~.  The assignment is online at bigideasmath.com

Friday Feb.23:  Students will take a Quiz on 8.1-8.2 and do a review wkst.

Lesson Plans for Feb. 12-19

Monday Feb.12:  We will have a lesson on Trapezoids, 7.5A.  The assignment is page 407-408 #2-6even,7-14all,25-29.

Tuesday Feb.13:  We will have a lesson on Kites, 7.5B.  The assignment is a wkst.

Wednesday Feb.14:  Students will take a Quiz over 7.2-7.5

Thursday Feb.15:  Students will Review for the Chapter 7 TEST

Friday Feb.16:  TEST

Lesson Plans for Feb.5-9

Monday Feb.5:  We will review properties of special parallelograms, 7.4, and students will complete page 397 #1-2,4-22even,23-24,26,37-54.

Tuesday Feb.6:  We will have a lesson on Coordinate Geometry and do 2 examples.  The assignment is page 398 #56-58,60.

Wednesday Feb.7-Thursday Feb.8:  Students will be working on 8 graphs.  They will find slopes and lengths to give the quadrilateral the most precise name.

Friday Feb.9:  Students will complete a Review Wkst 7.4.