Lesson Plans for April 30- May 4

Monday April 30:  We will have a lesson on the Parts of a Circle, 10.1.  The assignment is wkst 10.1.

Tuesday May 1:  We will have a lesson on Arcs of a Circle, 10.2.  The assignment is wkst 10.2.

Wednesday May 2- Thursday May 3:  We will have a lesson on Arc Lengths and Circumference, 11.1.  On Wed the assignment is page 602 #1-10,15-18.  On Thursday, the assignment is wkst 11.1.

Friday May 4:  We will have a lesson on Area of Circles and Sectors, 11.2.  The assignment is wkst 11.2.


Lesson Plans for April 16-20

Monday April 16:   We will finish notes and examples on Sine and Cosine, 9.5.  The assignment is page 502-503 #1-24,28.

Tuesday April 17-Wednesday April 18:  Students will complete wkst 7.6B.

Thursday April 19:  Students will complete wkst “SOHCAHTOA”

Friday April 20:  Students will take a Quiz 9.4-9.5.

Monday April 23:  Holiday 🙂