Lesson Plans October 8-12


Monday Oct.8:  We will have a lesson on Proofs with Perpendicular Lines, 3.4.  The assignment is page 152 #4,11-12,15-20all.

Tuesday Oct.9-Wednesday Oct.10:  We will have a lesson on Slopes of Lines, 3.4.  The assignment is page 159 #1-2,4-14even,18-22even.  PSAT is Wed, periods 1-4.

Thursday Oct.11:  We will have a lesson on Writing Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.  The assignment is wkst 3.5C.

Friday Oct.12:  Students will compete a review of chapter 3 in preparation for a TEST on Monday.


Monday Oct.8:  We will grade wkst 2.7A and go over any questions.  Students will then do the Kuta wkst on 2.6.

Tuesday Oct.9-Wednesday Oct.10:  Students will take Quiz 2.4-2.6 and then complete the review for TEST 2.4-2.6.  The PSAT is Wednesday, periods 1-4.

Thursday Oct.11: TEST 2.4-2.6

Friday Oct.12:  We will have a lesson on Lines and Angles, 3.1.  The assignment is wkst 3.1B.


Lesson Plans for HOMECOMING Week Oct. 1-5


Monday Oct.1:  Students will turn in their homework, pg 1290130 #3-22all.  We will have a lesson on Parallel Lines and Angle Pairs.  The assignment is wksts 3.2B/E

Tuesday Oct.2:  We will have a lesson on Proving Lines are Parallel, 3.3.  The assignment is wkst 142-143 #4-8even,12-30even,34.

Wednesday Oct.3:  Students will take Quiz 3.1-3.3.

Thursday-Friday Oct.4-5:  We will do Geometry Constructions from chapters 1-3.


Monday Oct.1:  We will grade and go over wkst A.  Students will complete a partner sorting activity and fill in ISN notes.  The assignment is wkst B.

Tuesday Oct.2:  Students will complete wkst 2.6A.

Wednesday Oct.3-Friday Oct.5:  We will have a lesson on Angle Theorems and Postulates,2.6.  Students will complete wkst “Making Conclusions”, wkst 2.7B for the Binder, and wkst 2.7A.


Lesson Plans for Sept. 24-28

PREAP Geometry:

Monday Sept.24:  We will go over wkst 2.4 and also grade/go over page 111 #1-2,4-20evens.  Students will then take a quiz.

Tuesday Sept.25-Wednesday Sept.26:  Students will complete a review of chapter 2 in preparation for a TEST. (Wednesday is a half day for students.)

Thursday Sept.27:  Students will take the chapter 2 TEST.  Interactive Student Notebooks are due for 3 daily grades.

Friday Sept.28:  We will have a lesson on Lines and Angle Pairs, 3.1.  The assignment is pages 129-130 #3-22all.


Monday Sept.24:  We will continue with Algebraic Reasoning, 2.4.  Students will turn in wkst 2.4A and complete page 96 #1-4,6-14even,16,20,22,26-40even.

Tuesday Sept.25:  Students will be taking a Binder Test.

Wednesday Sept.26:  This is a half day with periods 1-5.

Thursday Sept.27-Friday Sept.28:  We will begin Proving Statements about Segments/Angles.  We will do many examples including wkst “The Givens”, a partner sorting activity, and wksts 2.6A-B.