Lesson Plans for January 8-12

Monday Jan.8:  Students will complete an ISN entry on the 5 Congruent Triangle Shortcuts and also take notes/examples that will go in their binders.  The assignment is wkst8/wkst4.4A.

Tuesday Jan.9:  Students will complete a wkst on Congruent Triangles.

Wednesday Jan.10:  We will have a lesson on how to Prove triangles are Congruent.  Click on the following for notes we took in class:

Booklet 1-10 and Proving Triangles Congruent

Thursday Jan.11:  We will continue with proving triangles congruent by doing 7 examples together.  Students will have 7 for homework.

Friday Jan.12:  We will have a lesson on CPCTC, 5.7.  The assignment will be to finish the wkst: 2 Column Proofs #’s 3-4,6,9,12.

Click on the following links for copies of notes:

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